Professional Financial Cooperative Management Programme, Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce (Finance), Diploma in Business Studies (Accounts), Women mentorship program for cooperative managers, CCA Canada, Client Protection principles, Microfinance sound practice and code of conduct, Micro finance Risk Management, Social Performance Management, Micro finance and HIV, Occupational Health, Safety and accident management in work place environment, The Africa Microfinance Network, Association of Microfinance Institutions of Uganda.


Worked with: Y Save Multipurpose Cooperative as a pioneer staff, Manager with the following duties planning which involved annual operating plans that support strategic direction set by the board and correlates with annual operating budgets, Management which involved promoting a culture that reflects the organization’s values and supervising the entire team, Financial Management which involved oversees staff in developing annual budgets that support operating plans and submits budget for board approval, Human Resource Management which involves Evaluating the staff’s performance on a regular basis, Marketing and Public relations which involved serving as the primary spokesperson and representative for the organization, Administrative Assistant with duties like supervising a team and spear head the development and use of tools for organizational planning, training consultant.

Key competencies

Conducting trainings, Strategic planning, management and Coordination of activities, TOT in Performance Monitoring Tool , SACCO mentorship, guidance, Performance analysis and advice for improvement, Credit and delinquency management, Governance, Product development, Strategic planning and Policy compliancy handling, Project design and management, Developed training manual for SACCOs, Developed performance monitoring forms, Internal audit and supervision, Organizational and Leadership skills, Financial Management, Human resource Management, customer care, Reporting

Professional membership

Member of Association of Financial Cooperatives Professionals of Uganda (AFCPU)


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