Professional Financial Cooperative Management Programme, Master’s in Business Administration, Bachelor of Business
Administration (Accounting), Financial Management of MFIs, TOT in SACCO Governance, TOT in performance
Monitoring Tool, Financial Literacy for Wealth Creation

Moses is an experienced hands’ on manager and Consultant with 10 years’ experience handling different managerial
functions. Currently, Moses is the Credit Manager at Uganda Central Co-operative Financial Services (UCCFS) Ltd.
Uganda Central Co-operative Financial Services (UCCFS) Ltd is a National financial Co-operative Union serving all types
of Co-operatives in Uganda; that is, SACCOs, ACEs & RPOs. It has played an important role in providing financial and
non-financial support to Co-operatives in the Country. As the Credit Manager for UCCFS from 2011 to date, Loan
portfolio has grown both in quality and quantity. We have also expanded outreach throughout the country.
Moses also works with Uganda Co-operative Alliance (UCA) as a Tutor for Professional Financial Cooperative
Management Program (PFCMP) from 2010 to date. PFCMP is a long distance program offered by MOSHI Co-operative
University (MoCU), Tanzania in Collaboration with UCA. As a tutor, I am charged with Providing relevant study
materials, Supervise student’s progress; and identify indicators of decreased motivation; provide counseling,
encouragement, etc.; Organize and conduct tutorials; handle students’ problems during the tutorial; Setting and
marking examinations