Professionalism is essentially a function of modernization in which cooperatives have to emerge as strong business enterprises so as to emerge triumphant amidst the winds of change in the economy. As they have matured as organizations, there is a corresponding need to infuse adequate doses of professionalism in their functioning.
They will have to manage change through scientific behavioural tools and innovations. They will have to discard their old norms of functioning, imbibe a new culture and sharpen their powers of resilience so as to march ahead in this tumultuous era. In this pursuit, professionalism competence of co-operatives should come to the fore. This can only materialize if attempts are made to follow the dictates of professionalism in demonstrating certain proficiency and excellence in practices, based on a systematic body of knowledge, aiming at inculcating among its members a sense of responsibility towards each other, and at establishing norms of behaviour, and clearly defined qualifications for membership. Some may consider it as an idealistic assumption, but closely following its spirit would portray a serious endeavor towards fulfillment of the objective of professionalism in a sharp break from the past.
The co-operatives in the present times represent myriad socio-economic activities with a wide range and depth. Their management has become a complex phenomenon requiring a high degree of innovation, skills and ability to experiment with new ideas. The problems of management have become manifold requiring specialized attention in the spheres of marketing, banking, processing, consumption etc. Due to this, application of specific fields of management with their techniques and methodologies has become important in the field of cooperatives, where management at present is quite simple and elastic, portraying a disjointed and somewhat outdated outlook.
The co-operatives should not show despondency by showing a lukewarm attitude to the rapid advances in the field of management. A definite spin off effect of professionalism will be rise in productivity for co-operatives, which will be an important yardstick of success for the growth of co-operative organizations.