The Cooperative Week


  • The Cooperative Week will start on 28th June 2018 with a press conference.
  • Friday29th June, Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July of 2018 will be National Prayer for everyone in their respective religions.
  • 2nd July 2018 will be Blood donation drive
  • 3rd July 2018 will be cleaning of the markets
  • 4th July 2018 will be IK Memorial Lecture
  • 5th July 2018 will be Coop Tree Planting across the country especially in schools
  • 6th July 2018 will be National Cooperative Symposium in Jinja
  • 7th July 2018 will be the international cooperative day which will be in Jinja at Jinja civil Service. The host is Walimu SACCO in Jinja