SACCOs are increasingly becoming vital financial entities that comprise the institutional base for financial intermediation at the grass root level. SACCOs can be afforded by most people who are otherwise ignored by the formal financial institutions. SACCOs are capable of providing financial services to both the economically active poor and middle class individuals. For the past several years we have witnessed an explosion in the growth in the number, membership and resources of SACCOs in Uganda. By 31 December 2014 the Ministry of Trade Industry and Cooperatives had registered more than 6,000 SACCOs implying that the financial intermediation role of SACCOs has been significant.


The investment made by ordinary people in SACCOs and the extent of financial intermediation taking place as a result needs to be managed and supervised by professional staff knowledgeable and competent in financial management and analysis of member based microfinance institutions such as SACCOs. Most SACCOs have been managed and governed by Managers and Leaders who lack the expertise. Download more information

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